Platinum ChargeServe

Remote monitoring, 24/7, 365 days a year of the Chargepoints on your network. If a fault is found that renders your Chargepoint unable to provide service, then we will:

  • Perform remote diagnostics and undertake analysis of the issue. Attempt to “reset” the Chargepoint remotely.
  • Dispatch an engineer to arrive on-site within 6 hours from the failure to serve of the Chargepoint, if remote “fix on fail” activities do not restore the service.
  • Our engineer will endeavour to rectify the issue and return the Chargepoint to active service.
  • If service restoration is not viable, we will manage the recovery of the service end-to-end, from ordering of any required parts, to logistics and scheduling a field visit for installation and recommissioning.
  • The annual charge covers travel, on-site labour and the fault resolution process. Parts will be charged at cost, unless provided under manufacturer warranty.