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Are electric vehicles more environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel vehicles?

EVs either have very low (below 75 g/km of CO2) or zero carbon emissions which means they’re significantly better for the environment than those fuelled by traditional means. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEVs) have lower carbon emissions than traditional combustion engines but they’re not as green as EVs as they will occasionally use fuel reserves to recharge or travel long distances.

Is my charge point free?

Many customers think that the grant funding available will pay for the entire cost of the charge point and installation. However, this is not the case. Domestic installs are currently attracting OZEV grant funding of £350 for the whole of the UK & Ireland & an additional EST grant of £250 in Scotland.

How much will my electricity bill be if I am charging my car at home?

Well, for starters, it will definitely be less than what you currently pay for petrol or diesel. The average EV battery is 60kW. If you charge from empty at a cost of 6p per kW then this is £3.60. Given that most electric vehicles now have ranges over 300 miles and the average UK monthly mileage is 650 miles, the increase in your electricity bill will likely be less than £10 per month.

There is a wide variety of charge points, do they all do different things?

From an electrical point of view, they all do the same thing: provide electricity to your car in the safest and most efficient manner possible. The main differences lie in the way you interact with your chosen charge point. Many come with apps or other controls and these offer a variety of features which make charging your electric vehicle easier and more enjoyable.

What is the range of an electric vehicle?

The average electric vehicle can travel around 200 miles on a single charge and the highest currently on the market is the Tesla Model X which can travel 233 miles. Range has increased dramatically over the last few years and this is expected to continue. However, range should never be a worry as we are, on average, only ever around 4 miles from a public charge point in the UK. 

Do I need my car before I install a charge point?

No, a charge point can be arranged and installed up to 4 months in advance of your car being delivered.

I am buying a specific brand of car; do I need to buy a charge point from the same dealership?

Most manufacturers offer a branded charge point, but the difference is usually only in the branding. Almost all charge points are universal and can be used with any electric vehicle provided your cable has the correct connections. Most branded charge points are not OLEV approved and so do not qualify for grants.

Can I get a faster charger?

The industry buzzwords of slow, fast and rapid or level 1, 2 and 3 are very unhelpful. In truth, a UK domestic property can only have a maximum 7kW charge point installed. Except for Tesla, most electric vehicles are built for this power and we believe charging is sufficiently quick that this should not be a concern.

What taxes still apply to EVs?

EVs are exempt from most taxes which are charged on traditional fuels. In general, you are likely to save a significant amount of money from tax savings. To see a detailed breakdown of tax, including example calculations, visit our taxation page.

What is the lifespan of an electric car battery?

Battery lives can vary depending on the brand of car, type of battery and general wear and tear.  Lead-acid batteries, the kind that you find in traditionally fuelled vehicles usually last a couple of years. In comparison, lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, which are used in most electric vehicles, can last more than 10 years. However, battery technology is constantly evolving so life spans are likely to change.

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