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House Builder Charging

Charging Solutions for House Builders

house builder charging

Housebuilders have a crucial role to play in the development of our country. house builder charging

As our population grows, so too does the demand for housing. However, it is critical that the homes being built now are future proofed for the demands of modern-day life of house builder charging. 

As part of the government’s Road-to-Zero initiative, they aim to ensure that all houses built in the coming years are ready for electric vehicles. While electric vehicles still make up the minority of the cars on our roads, it is important that we set the groundwork in place for when they are rolled out more generally.

That said, the design of our new homes must incorporate some form of charging solution which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The challenge for developers is adapting existing technology to meet house builder charging needs in a variety of different types of build, from flats to housing estates. house builder chargin

How can we help?

We can perform a consultancy role in order aid housebuilders in this process. We will draw from our knowledge of the industry as well as our existing data on customer charge point usage to help design charging capabilities which are aligned to the nature of the development.

For example, on new build housing estates, we can help to create a power grid that is enough to support electric VEHICLE CHARGING in every home in house builder charging.

This means that any house buyer can install an EV CHARGE POINT in their new home either now or in the future. Moreover, we can help integrate this system into the existing site design and incorporate other technologies such as SOLAR POWER.

As well as consulting on the process, we are able to supply products to install in all homes

house builder charging

Impartial helpful advice

We have a wide range of suppliers and can access charging products at very competitive prices, particularly if on a large scale. 

We are completely impartial so you can be sure that we are recommending products that best suit the needs of your prospective house owners. 

For more information on the brands we stock and a comparison of the top products on the market, Visit here. house builder charging

Additionally, we also manufacture our own charge point product, the EVCP. As the smallest product on the market with a simple, elegant design, the EVCP will blend into any home. 

Effortlessly stylish and minimal, it is the perfect product for house builders looking to add charge points without taking up too much space in the property or affecting its design.

As well as consulting on the process, we are able to supply products to install in all homes

They are available to install any charging solutions that are required and can do so on large- or small-scale projects. We can become involved at any stage of the development, from planning to the final build. Our service and the solution will be tailored to the status of the build at that time.