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AT EVChargepoints.com, our background and experience from the Information Technology sector, enables us to understand and develop credible offerings to protect your chargepoints and networks from cyberattacks.

Secure Communications

Robust encryption protocols between your chargepoints and network servers ensure safe, consistent, communications within your entire operation, protecting your central systems and infrastructure from attack and data breaches. Secure communication protocols are your first line of defence, safeguarding data during transmission and thwarting unauthorised access.

Network segmentation practices restrict traffic between segments to permitted data only, and communications are through defined host-to-host paths, with only the network ports needed opened, and safeguarded by advanced intrusion detection systems. All logs need to be saved for subsequent review to further improve your proactive threat management protocols and playbooks.

Software updates and patching

One of the best ways to prevent cyberattacks is through ensuring that your Chargepoints software, firmware, and any applications, are kept up to date with the latest manufacturer, and developer, software and security patches and upgrades. By keeping “current” you will automatically be protected from any vulnerabilities that the manufacturers and developers have been made aware of, strengthening your resilience, and reducing your time to react, to emerging cyber threats.

Physical Security

Often overlooked, the physical security of your assets in the field is essential. An attacker who gains unauthorised physical access can tamper with and manipulate, your equipment, at best, undertaking a denial of service attack on the physical asset, at worst, manipulating the assets access to your networks locally to provide a full denial of service attack to your entire network and operation. The ability to remotely monitor your assets is crucial, whether through monitoring software (that can, for instance detect an unauthorised/unexpected cabinet opening) or CCTV monitoring of the physical stations. In addition, operational protocols are required to ensure that when any portable device is connected through a USB port or SD card slot, that the device has been scanned for potential malware and viruses.

Cybersecurity consulting

To provide piece of mind, you should consider engaging cybersecurity experts to ensure that your assets and systems are protected optimally. Regular audits and assessments of security is a good practice to develop, but you must also act on the findings and recommendations. The provision of an external perspective helps to identify potential vulnerabilities whilst allowing for the formulation of effective countermeasures. Using a partner that has an understanding of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) cybersecurity framework, along with certifications such as ISO/SAE 21434, IEC 62443 or UL 2900 is highly desirable.