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Electric Vehicle Charging Accessories – Innovations in EV Accessories

If you are an electric car driver, what can you do to make the most of your driving experience, from smart charge points to the finest accessories for EV drivers.

If you have discovered the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, you will already know that you are saving thousands of pounds in fuel and tax costs, however are you making the most of your electric vehicle. We will look at the latest and finest tools and accessories which are must-haves for electric vehicle drivers.

Introducing Smart Charging Points

Traditional charge points are little more than electric sockets which allowed you to physically connect your electric vehicle to the mains for charging. More modern charge-points offer a variety of new technologies to benefit the owner.

MyEnergi – Zappi

The Zappi charge point is the first in the UK which will allow you to maximise your vehicle charging as it will offer either mains’ electricity charging or free, solar generated electricity created from solar panels on the roof of your home or office. It means that, for the first time, you can experience truly cost free motoring.  

The sleek, weatherproof unit contains a programmable timer which will allow for off-peak charging to save costs when using the mains supply. In addition, it  provides load balancing technology.

Previously there was a potential risk of blowing your home’s main fuse when charging your vehicle, meaning that you were restricted to slow charging. The Zappi measures the available load and instantly reduces power if there is a risk of reaching your fuse capacity, this allows for fast-charging with no risk of a costly electricity board call-outs to replace main fuses.

The charge point can be remotely monitored and controlled using the MyEnergi app and offers a PIN lock on the unit to add additional security, preventing electricity theft as well as a clear display which shows the charging status.

The charge point comes with three charging modes, Eco, Eco+ and Fast Charge. The Eco and Eco+ modes seek to utilise excess solar generation over mains electricity. Eco mode will charge your vehicle minimum power until it detects excess solar generation.

The Zappi is available from Brite Accessories

EV Box – Elvi

The Elvi  is a unique charge point which has a modular build and ‘click on’ technology which means it is suitable for any electric vehicle which is available now, or in the future.

Elvi includes smart technology to always ensure you charge using the lowest cost electricity tariffs, the technology can save up to £234 per year in electricity charges.  

The charge point includes secure charging which means that charging will only start when you touch your key fob or charging card and can be managed or monitored remotely using the ‘Hey EVBox’ app. The Elvi can be remotely updated and managed by EVBox allowing for technical fixes and software updates to be remotely delivered.

The EVBox Elvi is available from Brite Accessories

Charging Accessories

One of the essential parts of the equipment for any electric vehicle is a charge cable. Brite Accessories offer an extensive range of cables and accessories. One of the useful tools to carry is an extension lead, this will allow you to charge your vehicle at times when a charge point is not directly accessible, for example when a charge point has been ‘ICE’d’ (where a non-electric driver has blocked a charge point) and you need to get a charge.

The extension leads come with carry bags which have velcro attached to their underside to allow you to simply fix it to your boot carpet meaning it is always accessible without rolling around your boot.

You can find cables for your car at Brite Accessories.

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