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Electric Vehicle Product Update – February 2020

Showcasing the latest products for electric vehicles. This month we introduce a new high efficiency charge point and the latest in charging cables.

Garo Wall Mounted Charging Station

Garo are well-established manufacturers and distributors of a diverse range of industrial electrical distribution products, components and supplies.  Garo is certified under ISO 9001:2008 which ensures that all they do meets the highest standards of quality and compliance to international standards.

The Garo GLB charge point allows an electric vehicle to be charged within six hours. This is a sleek, weatherproof, wall-mounted unit. The charge point includes dynamic load balancing, a system which safeguards the home electrical installation. The unit measures power within the home and reduces the load delivered to the charger when power usage is high within the home. This prevents any potential overload of the main fuse when both the charger and home power is in use. When there is less household use, the charger will automatically switch and charge to full capacity.

The charge point contains a motorised interlock to prevent the charge cable being disconnected when the vehicle is being charged. A unique feature is an inbuilt power reserve to allow disconnection in the case of a power cut so that the car can still be driven.

The charge point can be set up to charge using low tariff  electricity only, therefore the vehicle can be plugged in at anytime, however charging will only start when the electricity cost is at its lowest.

The charge point uses its built in WiFi to allow the user to monitor charging and set parameters as well as allowing the charge point to automatically receive software updates. Optional RFID access control can be activated to make charging more secure, allowing only users holding an RFID card to be able to charge their vehicles. This can also be used with a supporting billing system as required.

The Garo charge point can be ordered from Brite Accessories.

Generation 2 Tethered Charge Lead

Charge points which have installed (tethered) cables are useful for home charging, however they can be prone to damage as they are plugged and unplugged, dragged across the driveway and left out in all weathers.

For safety reasons it is important to ensure that your charge point is kept in good order, looking out for damage to the cable. Damage could include fraying or scuffing to the exterior insulation, damage to the plug or socket, and damage to the interlock.

If you find damage to the cable, for example if there is visible damage you should stop using the cable immediately and replace the cable.

Where you have a tethered cable you need to call in an electrician or professional electric vehicle charge point installer to replace the cable, however you can order replacement cables directly from Brite Accessories.

Cables from Brite Accessories are highly cost effective, often costing less than original manufacturer cables but exceeding the quality standards and available in lengths from 5 to 15 metres. Cables are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and are fully guaranteed.  

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