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Essential Equipment For Tesla Drivers

So, you have your new shiny Tesla but do you have the necessary accessories to get the most from your new, state of the art vehicle? We look at the latest equipment which are ‘must haves’ for Tesla drivers.

Telsa Wall Connector

It’s like having a petrol station in your own garage, if you consider the price of fuel is a fraction or what you would have had to pay at the pump and you will no longer have to stand on a rainy forecourt to fill up.

The Tesla wall connector is the natural choice for the enlightened Tesla driver, installed in a convenient location at you home it will allow you to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to go with a full charge.

The lightweight and, as it is Tesla, the typically stylish charge point can be remotely managed using the Tesla app to set customisable power settings as well as charge monitoring and battery status. The connector comes with full wi-fi connectivity and this allows for over-the-air firmware updates and remote service by Tesla if required.  It ensures you will always have the most up to date system.

The connector will allow you to charge up to 44 miles per hour and is compatible with Model S, Model X and Model  with up to 11.5 kW / 48 Amp output. The customisable power settings mean it is suitable for any home electrical system and the unit can be mounted indoors or outdoors.

You can have your Tesla Connector installed by our professional engineers via Electric Vehicle Charge Quotes (EVCPQ)  who will ensure your Connector is installed by an accredited and guaranteed charge point installer who will carry out the work at a time of your choice within ten working days of your contact. As we are registered as Government approved suppliers we can offer subsidies of up to £500 off the cost of installation.

You can purchase your own Tesla Connector from Brite Accessories.

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter

CHAdeMO is an organisation offering rapid DC charging facilities, this adapter will allow you to rapid charge your Tesla using this network in addition to Tesla charge points offering you total flexibility.

The adapter supports charging speeds up to 50kW and will work with all Tesla vehicles and can be purchased from Brite Accessories.

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