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As we accelerate the EV ChargePoint rollout to support the rapid growth in EV use, and we see increased utilisation of EV as Battery technology with their connectivity to grids and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMs) it is critical that the ChargePoints and their associated networks are protected from cyberattacks. Such attacks have the potential to derail the entire EV charging infrastructure, extending risks into the power grid, and compromising the safety and security of customers. In time, it is our belief that the EV Charging Infrastructure will be classified as part of the Critical National Infrastructure of the UK, just like our existing power girds and networks. As such, our goal is to support customers now to comply with the relevant Critical National Infrastructure security policies and guidelines.

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AT EVChargepoints.com, our background and experience from the Information Technology sector,

enables us to understand and develop credible offerings to protect your chargepoints and networks from cyberattacks.

Our enterprise software solutions are designed to help accelerate your business outcomes whilst ensuring there are no unplanned or unforeseen impacts on the governance and cost of how you procure, deploy, consume and manage your electric vehicle charging software assets.

Our approach to software transformation
We take a customer success approach to understand your current software estate, therefore we value the importance of collaborating and forging strong partnerships.

Our ethos is to help organisations to select, buy, renew and manage the right software products. Ensuring you’re able to optimise the right solutions and reduce your annual software costs for your organisation and maximising the lifecycle of your software procurements.

evchargeserve.com have the capability to support end to end supply chain management of software.

How can Evchargeserve.com help?

service and maintenance

How do we do this?

Software solution specialists

By leveraging 3rd party and distribution we help to investigate opportunities and reduce costs with regards to renewals. Our solution specialists highlight improvements and recommendations to consolidate and remove duplicate technology. Service review meetings help to keep abreast of changes.

Technical expertise pre & post sales

evchargeserve’s customer success management teams & internal account team prioritise early engagement (ideally 6 months prior to renewal dates). Our vendor partner management team roadmap the journey ahead so we’re abreast of key changes to both benchmark and negotiate the right solution for your organisation.

Licensing to solution selling

Advise on if software can be purchased via marketplace and comparing with traditional purchase route. With our Software Payment Agreement (SPA) we offer multi-year renewals to maximise vendor discounts to support budget predictability.

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