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EV Driving Review – Introducing The Tesla Y and Mini Electric

Tesla Model Y

Electric sports car meets SUV in this speedy, yet roomy electric delight!

Hot on the heels of the Model X, Tesla has created the Model
Y, a taller and more spacious vehicle which, with an optional third row of
seats, allows up to seven people to travel in economic comfort.

With a stated range in the region of 300 miles, and a none
too shabby, nought to sixty rating of five and a half seconds, the standard
version is a vehicle in the same class as the BMW X3, Porsche Macan as well as
the Mercedes-Benz EQC.

There will be a number of variants, including a long range
version, available as a rear wheel or four wheel drive and a performance
variant which is all wheel drive and employs dual electric motors and offers a
3.5 second 0-60 time. In the performance model, the two motors control front
and rear wheels and offer additional stability and traction whatever the road
conditions may throw at you. This ensures the vehicle can cope well with
British roads even in rain and snow, you may even be tempted to test its worthy
off-road credentials.

The interior remains similar to the Model 3, however it is
more spacious with the higher roof and wider body. The rear seats can be
folded, giving ample storage space when required.

As with all Teslas it is packed with technology, with
cameras built in to the sides and rear providing 360 degree vision around the
vehicle as well as radar and ultrasonic sensors providing up to 160 metre long
range safety to prevent collisions and advanced parking assistance.  Also, it comes, as standard with emergency
braking, collision warning, blind-spot monitoring and more. In addition, the
Model Y will have Full Self-Driving capability, which will enable automatic
driving on city streets and motorways  as
well as the ability to come find you anywhere in a car park. There is only the
tricky matter of permission from the Department of Transport, until then there
is comprehensive ‘driver assistance’.

Will people want this, of course! This is a new Tesla, it
can do no wrong as the company has consistently produced stylist and innovative
vehicles which set a major challenge for the traditional manufacturers. If you
want a Tesla, but with just a bit more, or you have a large family who all want
to enjoy the electric journey. This is the car for you!

The Mini Electric

Is This The Perfect
Car About Town?

My history with the electric Mini goes back to 2012 where,
as a transportation manager for the London 2012 Olympics,  I had the pleasure of driving the first
electric Mini around the Olympic Park. That car, the Mini e1 is sadly now in a
museum, however eight years on, the electric Mini is now truly ready to make a
stir in the city.

A far cry from the Cooper S, my father drove in the 60s, yet
with all the Mini heritage still under the hood. This is a comfortable and
reliable vehicle which can still handle the road like the little rascal it used
to be if you push it!   A mileage range
of 145 miles may seem short compared to the Tesla, however this is a car
designed for city driving where you can plug in when you arrive and your Mini
will be standing by, always ready to go with a full charge in just over 3 hours
at home with a home charge point and a rapid charge to 80% in just over half an

BMW is so confident in the Mini battery life, it comes with
an eight year or 100,000 mile guarantee, so you can be sure of the sort of
German reliability which comes with all from their stable.

This is truly an iconic drive, the shape and comfort of the
Mini is legendary and you can make it your own with three levels of vehicle
available offering increasing levels of tech which you can cram into your car.
From the Driving Assistant pack which adds speed limit and traffic sign
information, city collision mitigation for pedestrians, high beam assistance
through to the top of the range  which
adds Harman / Kardon speakers a panoramic sunroof and heads-up display.  Even the basic model doesn’t skimp, allowing
you to choose a variety of bodywork and wheel options at no extra cost.

The press have been delighted by the way it drives,
reviewers have raved about its handling and ease of driving and you will find
it to be the perfect accompaniment for city driving or commuting, allowing you
to put the worries of the world behind you and cruise in comfort and style to
your destination.

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