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Hyundai announces new Ioniq electric car sub-brand

Hyundai has announced that it will launch an all-electric sub-brand called Ioniq that will be launched less than a year from now. The line will be of a similar style and spec as the 45, Hyundai’s first all-electric car, set to launch in 2021 along with the sub-brand.

The manufacturer says the Ioniq cars will be highly integrated with smart phones and smart devices to enhance the driving experience and allow the cars to compete with other models on the market.

The first car in the range will be the Ioniq 5 which is a mid-sized SUV that will be the production version of Hyundai’s other model, the 45. The 45 is Hyundai’s first bespoke electric car and is set to launch in 2021. The concept of the 45 was a huge hit at last year’s Frankfurt Motor show due to its bold retro-style and clean lines, inspired by 1920s air-craft. The name of the 45 reflects that it has been 45 years since Hyundai launches it’s first production car, the Pony.

The second car in the sub-brand is due to launch in 2022 and ill be called Ioniq 6. It is the production version of the Prophecy saloon. The Prophecy saloon concept was initially supposed to unveiled at the March Geneva Motor Show which got cancelled due to coronavirus. The model is very sleek and stylish with “suicide” doors which intend to make the cabin of the car more accessible.

The most unexpected aspect of the Prophecy saloon model is that the car has no steering wheel. In its place are two handles which look like joysticks – one on the centre console and one on the door. This is gives the modern “video-game” feel inside the car but focus groups suggest that the public would be put-off by such an contemporary design.

Then in 2024 the company is set to release a larger SUV called Ioniq 7 which is set to complete the range.

Hyundai has said that further models will be added to the line between 2025 and 2030. Motorists are hopeful that smaller and more affordable vehicles would be included in the range to make EV more accessible.

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