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I Love A Classic Car, But Need my Eco Credentials

If you want to drive a classic car, but want to maintain the benefits and eco-friendly status of driving an electric car, there is now a solution.

If you are like me, you hanker for something out of the ordinary. The run-of-the-mill electric vehicle stable is a bit staid, something for other people. I love the look of a classic car, however I have fallen in love with electric motoring and really feel I can’t go back. In essence, I am torn, I want something exciting and economical.

The solution I found, is furnished by the lovely people at Electric Classic Cars, a team of automotive magicians who take classic cars of yesteryear and skilfully replace the fossil fuel engine with electric motors.

They take vehicles from the 50s through to the 80s from a classic Beetle to a Land Rover. You bring them the car, and they can do everything from an electric conversion to a full restoration. They will also supply you with all the parts from motors to battery packs and controllers.

They say the cost pretty much depends on your requirements, however a conversion for a small car with a 100 mile range could be as little as £20k. If you are feeling a little more flush, you can have a large 4×4 with a 200 mile range with change from £60k.

To put this into perspective, a Tesla Model S will cost you over £80k and, as modern as it may look, would have nothing on a classic motor running silently and rapidly with no road tax and almost zero running costs.

For the automotive DIY enthusiast, they can supply parts kits to convert a VW Beetle, VW Camper or a Fiat 500 with more on the way, so if you fancy a challenge and have the skills and a toolbox you can build your own electric classic.

The end result is a powerful, good looking car with performance ranging from 45hp to 650hp depending on what you require. So, a warning to the boy racers, the next time you try to race that VDub away from the lights, beware, you may have a nasty surprise when it leaves you silently in its dust.

You can find out more, and order your own electric classic online at: Electric Classic Cars.

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