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I’m Not Smug… I’m Right – I Drive an Electric Car…

It’s not that I’m smug about other drivers, I have just the enlightened decision to drive an electric vehicle. Initially I put up with jeers and people saying I had made a mistake, however now they know I am right…

I don’t go to the petrol station anymore. No, I tell a lie. I go to the petrol station specifically to park at a petrol pump and take time to do my weekly shopping in the increasingly well stocked supermarket. Only joking…

You see, the only reason I pay any attention to the local petrol station is either to clock the queues of frustrated drivers waiting for people to shlep out of the shop with bags of shopping or to look at the ever-increasing price of petrol and diesel.

Now, as an enlightened electric vehicle driver, I don’t need the petrol station. I charge my car at home and at the office. To be honest, as my employer is somewhat generous, I mostly charge it at work where I pay nothing. Let me allow you to let that sink in if you drive a traditionally engined car, while you are paying what seems to almost be £2 a litre, I’m paying nought, nada. If I do charge at home, it is mostly at the weekends where the solar panels on my home’s roof do all the heavy lifting, so again it is no cost. If you want to be really sick, let me tell you that soon, I will be able to sell capacity from my car battery system when the local electricity grid requires it and then it will make me money.

Of course, it isn’t just the fuel which delights me. I don’t pay road tax, I am not being naughty, I don’t need to pay with my zero emission vehicle in the same way I don’t have to pay company car tax or benefit in kind. So, while you may well be shelling out hundreds of pounds per year, I keep that and spend it on the finer things in life, mostly Jammy Dodgers and Costa coffee.

I drive a car which has instant power, I put my foot down and it silently pulls away. When I brake, the batteries are charged and the software helps me drive with tools to prevent collisions and incidents. I have an amazing sound system which is not disturbed by the sound of a throbbing engine, so my journeys are a pleasure, I arrive relaxed.

I have been listening to colleagues who are bemoaning the fact that they only have a few more years to buy a new petrol engined car before they are finally banned. Some have stated they will wait until the last few days and then buy a suitably big gas guzzler. They are mourning the death of the motorcar, whereas I am looking forward to a glorious future.

It’s not that I think they are Luddites, unwilling to look forward and only looking back to the past. It is almost as if they believe global warming is not an issue which they have any control over.

We all have a responsibility for our planet, even if it’s a small action like removing the carbon emissions you create with your vehicle. The writing is on the wall, whether you believe in eco matters or not.

It may be that you can afford to keep paying increasing prices for petrol, road tax, emissions charges, congestion charging, ongoing maintenance for your vehicle and so on.

We are in a lucky position at this time as there are incentives for you to move to drive electric. There are grants available both to purchase a new vehicle and associated charging equipment as the Government is looking to encourage people to start driving electric. These will not last forever, and you would be foolish to ignore these opportunities or miss out by your desire to stay with old-fashioned technology.

Of course, this is your own decision. If you feel you want to keep queuing for petrol which costs more than Moet Chandon and pay, through the nose for tax while you drive a technology from the last century, please carry on, you will see me as I silently pass you in my zero emission vehicle, please ignore my smug look, but feel free to ask how you can discover the better way to drive!

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