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Lucid: the EV start-up you need to know about

California-based EV start-up, Lucid, has revealed the production version of the Air, an electric performance saloon with a claimed maximum range of 517 miles. The Air will reportedly break several records.  As well as having the furthest range of any electric vehicle, the marque’s debut model is claimed to be “the most aerodynamic luxury car in the world” and has a top speed of 235mph, making it the fastest production EV in the world.  Lucid said the Air can cover a quarter-mile sprint in as little as 9.9sec, making it the first electric saloon to break the 10-second barrier, and adds that it can achieve this feat on a “consistent, repeatable basis”.

The Air will be available in four trim levels to start with. The standard car will be priced at around £40,000 after any government subsidies are deducted. This model uses a single electric motor to send 395bhp to the rear wheels and is capable of a claimed 240-mile range from a 75kWh battery pack supplied by Samsung. The Touring model bumps power up to 612bhp, range to 406 miles and the list price to £70,000, while the Grand Touring packs 789bhp, costs £100,000 and is capable of the maximum claimed range figure.

Buyers who want the full 1065bhp output will need to spend $161,500 (£124,130) for the four-wheel-drive Dream Edition, which is capable of sprinting from 0-60mph in 2.5sec. It also brings a bespoke interior design trimmed in leather and eucalyptus wood, and a set of unique 21” wheels. Production of the top-spec Dream Edition will be limited but numbers are unconfirmed.

All variants are claimed to be capable of recuperating 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes at a DC fast charger, making the Air “the fastest-charging electric vehicle ever offered”, according to Lucid.

Derek Jenkins, vice-president of design at Lucid, said: “When we embarked on this journey at Lucid Motors and the development of our first vehicle, the Lucid Air, we refused to compromise. We decided early on that we were going to pursue every facet of performance, innovation, and luxury. The result is that we are building the best car in the world and the numbers simply speak for themselves.”

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