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New App to Revolutionise the Search for EV Chargers

Electric car drivers in the UK currently have a plethora of apps to use in order to find a charge point nearby. These include PlugShare, ChargePoint, NextCharge, Chargemap, ZapMap, Greenlots… you get the picture. Given that the point of these apps is to simplify the process of charging, it seems counterintuitive that an EV driver would have to consult so many platforms in order to find their nearest or most convenient charge point. Moreover, many of these apps do not have in-built payment systems and their pricing can sometimes be unclear. This could lead to drivers taking more time to work out how to pay and sometimes not knowing how much the charge will cost.

This is where Charge My EV comes in. The new app, developed by German technology company, Bosch, aims to combine many of these charge points onto one platform which is available throughout Europe. The new mobile app will give drivers access to over 150,000 charging stations in Europe, with around 4,500 of these in the UK. Elmar Pritsch, the president of the Connected Mobility Solutions division of Bosch Germany, said, “With our recharging services, we are developing a universal key to one of the biggest pan-European recharging networks. In doing so, we are making electromobility even more viable.”

In addition to the greater synergy achieved by the new app, it will also make payment significantly simpler. Bosch claim that electric car drivers generally have between two and four different cards to access charge spots. In contrast, the new app will be universal, have an in-built payment system and will negate the need to create a new payment profile for a type of charge point you have not used before. Moreover, the app will have a very clear pricing policy to ensure that customers know exactly what their charge will cost.

The app will also be able to help the driver plan their route and will keep them updated on their remaining range and the location of suitable charging sites using AI technology. If a selected site becomes occupied, it will automatically reroute to a different charge point. Furthermore, users will be able to identify chargers with nearby amenities like shops, free Wi-Fi and toilets.

We believe the Bosch app will go a long way toward giving EV drivers peace of mind when on the road away from their normal charging network or home chargers. It will allow people to consider using their EV for longer drives or for tourism purposes. Changing electric vehicles from just short-distance commuter tools to objects of leisure is crucial to increasing the number of electric cars on the road.

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We also have a variety of platforms available with extensive information about electric vehicles (brite-ev.com), EV chargepoints (evchargepoints.com) and EV accessories (briteaccessories.com).

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