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Range Rover Velar

Land Rover is due to launch its first fully electric Range Rover which is predicted to be similar to the Jaguar XJ. Both were due to go on sale in late 2021, but this has now been pushed back due to Covid.

The model has been developed to be the brand’s most road-focused model yet. This goes against their usual “off-road” focussed advertising and the model was even known as the “Road Rover” as a working name. However, the car will still retain some off-road capabilities to compete with its rivals on the market. Such rivals are expected to be the Porsche Macan and upcoming Audi E-Tron Sportback.

The new model has been described as a medium SUV, sitting between the Evoque and Velar in terms of size. It is predicted to have a lower roofline and more cabin space than the Velar. Like other cars in the Range Rover line, the signature luxury interior will cater to an audience in the high price range.

This massive push for electric is thought to be due to the financial struggles of the Jaguar Land Rover company. China have played a big role in their losses recently and since the Chinese government are heavily pushing for EVs, it seems the perfect comeback for Land Rover in China.

The release of the electric Range Rover has been pushed back due to spending cuts over the pandemic. However, the company’s chief financial officer stated that engineering research for the next generation Range Rover’s was not paused due to the pandemic. Work on the new defender also continued despite the outbreak.

More details about the electric Range Rover, such as the battery power and mile range, are not known. However, the company must compete with models at the same price range and so we can expect the range to be sufficient for most lifestyles.

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