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You may be fooled into thinking that ‘shopping small’ is confined to domestic items but there are many smaller businesses in almost every industry. One such industry is electric vehicles and accessories. As a relatively new market, there are many young, independent businesses that provide services and products for electric vehicles, us included. That said, we wanted to give you some gift ideas for EV drivers this Christmas.

EV Chargers

When you or your loved one purchases a new electric vehicle, the car dealer will often offer their charging solution as part of the deal. However, it is important to note that this is not the only option. EV manufacturers’ own brand home charge units are often as expensive as the other options on the market and may not be the best solution for your charging needs. Most new EVs are compatible will any home charging unit, if you have the right cable. Instead of automatically buying the home charger with your car, shop around. Look for local suppliers who can supply and install the charger and who will likely offer a much more personalised experience for you. We know that a new car is a very lavish gift for Christmas but if you are thinking of taking the plunge over the next few months, please spare a thought for the independent businesses near you.

EV Accessories

EV drivers will encounter many different charging scenarios in their lives. Each of these scenarios may require a different type of charger. Of course, this is an excellent gift opportunity. You could buy a portable charging cable to be used on the go, a charging lock for security or any number of fun charging accessories. These range from as little as £10 up to £500 depending on your budget. Most importantly, there are a wide range of small businesses in the UK that manufacturer and sell EV accessories.

EV Driving Experience

Of course, not everyone has an EV or knows someone who does. Even if you are curious about EVs or you just want to know what they feel like, you could consider an EV driving experience. Like any other sports cars, EVs like the Jaguar i-Pace or Tesla Model 3 can be hired for the day or for a track experience. This could be a fun experience for those who are interested in EV technology or even traditional motorheads.

This list could go on and we could elaborate further on each of these options, but we believe this will at least put the idea into your heads. With this Christmas looking likely to be very different from Christmases past, it also offers a great opportunity to proverbially think outside the box. If you need more inspiration or you have specific ideas that you want to talk to us about, please get in touch.

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