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The sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles could end by 2030

82% of drivers believe that the sale of new combustion engine vans will end by 2030 according to a survey conducted in England. Due to this, a new consumer association called the Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England is being launched to represent the interests of potential EV drivers in England. This association was clearly inspired by similar associations which currently operate here in Scotland and also in Norway and the Netherlands.

EVA England will also advocate for the EV drivers to increase the accessibility of charging infrastructure and decrease the payments for charging. They also would educate people on the process of purchasing an EV and any government incentives they could access when doing so.

The EVA conducted a survey of 1,114 individuals to understand the core views of drivers and to structure the aims of the organisation. The survey showed that 82% of those surveyed believe that the phase out date for combustion engine vehicles should be moved forward. This is slightly biased as most of those surveyed either owned or were planning to own an EV. However, it would be interesting if, after seeing the positive effect of having less vehicles on the road during the pandemic, the public would agree more with this statement now.

96% of those who responded to the survey believe that an earlier phase out date for combustion engine vehicles would positively affect public health. It has been proven that the carbon emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles can potentially harm our health at high concentrations. However, what is much more important is that global warming decreases so that temperatures do not continue to rise. Hotter temperatures would affect public health greatly and this is why we must meet our net zero targets.

74% either agree or strongly agree that the automaker industry would be able to supply enough EVs to meet demand. The consumer demand is definitely switching and a market that needs to be tapped into is lower budget EVs. While many are on the market at around 25,000, the average motorist still needs to have options at a lower price point. Looking into the future, it seems this demand will be met as EV ranges are expanding at almost every car company to provide an EV for every consumer situation.

Based on the survey, there were some actions that people believed the government should take to encourage the phase out of combustion engine vehicles. One of those actions was to introduce a scrappage scheme for petrol and diesel cars and another was to implement a seamless payment scheme for public charging. Two actions which are already being carried out by the government are to provide grants and loans for EVs and drive investment for EV infrastructure.

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