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The Wallbox Range of EV Charge Points

The Wallbox Range of EV Charge Points

Wallbox are a well-known name in the development and manufacture of electric vehicle charge points. Having been established in 2015, they are one of the longest standing names in the business and have introduced many innovations. Their latest charge points include smart charging technology and provide a selection of products to suit every application.


The small but powerful Pulsar charge point offers quick and intelligent charging for a wide range of vehicles. The weatherproof unit the most compact on the market and offers discrete charging facilities where aesthetics is important.

Pulsar offers remote connectivity via in-built Bluetooth technology. Offering both Type 1 and type 2 connections and power ratings from 7 to 22 Kw options. This is an excellent charge point for almost every application.

You can purchase the Pulsar from evchargepoints.

Pulsar Plus

The Pulsar Plus offers the same compact and discrete unit as the Pulsar but offers the opportunity to embrace enhanced technologies including Power Boost, an intelligent charging system allowing balancing of power use. The charge point uses a lower amount of energy when there is greater power use in the home and then ramp this up to allow faster charging when there is additional power capacity available. Automatically protecting the house main fuse.

Another addition is the inclusion of DC leakage protection, ensuring your installation keeps up to date with the latest safety standards.

You can purchase the Pulsar Plus from .


The Wallbox Quasar offers a truly revolutionary charging system which offers bi-directional charging between your EV and the grid. This basically means you can use spare capacity within your vehicle to power your home or even sell excess energy and take advantage of a vehicle to grid electricity tariff.

It means you not only charge your EV using an attractive and simple unit, but also get paid for electricity you sell at times when the grid needs additional supply. It could mean that you can drive your car for free, or even be paid for having it connected.

The DC charger offers a CHAdeMO vehicle connector and can be used with a multitude of vehicles.

You can purchase the Quasar charge point from Ev-chargepoints.

 Wallbox Commander 2

A step up from domestic charging solutions, the Commander 2 is an advanced, intelligent charging system for plug-in vehicles. It has been designed for semi public and business charging locations.

The unit has a user-friendly touch screen interface, which incorporates multi-user management, internal DC leakage protection and smart Power Sharing functionality. The unit has in-built Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G internet access which allows for remote management including the establishment of charging schedules to allow for vehicle charging at lower tariff times to ensure that you maximise cost-effectiveness for fleet management. This is also supported with the provision of detailed statistics including summaries of your activity in the charger by users and filter by dates. You can choose among different indicators to display the information: total cost, total energy, total charging time and number of sessions.

You can purchase the Commander 2 charge point from.

Charge Point Installation – Electric Vehicle Charge Point Quotes (EVCPQ)

Our charge point installation partners EVCPQ are government-accredited charge point installers. They can support the provision of a home or workplace charge point installation from selecting the right charging equipment for your vehicle, to finding an accredited and guaranteed charge point installer who will carry out the work at a time of your choice. As they are Government registered they can include grant discounts of up to £500 off the cost of charge point purchase and installation. 

You can request a free installation quote from EVCPQ.

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