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Why we are just a bit obsessed by the Tesla model 3

When you think of electric vehicles, we can almost guarantee that the first brand that comes to mind is Tesla. For years, the electric vehicle market was taken up solely by small, light vehicles manufactured by forward-thinking big-hitters like Chevrolet and Nissan. However, in true Elon Musk style, the emergence of Tesla onto the market seemed to finally signal the dawn of the electric vehicle. Almost 17 years later and Tesla have cemented their place as the dominant force in the global market and their Model 3 and Model S have become common sights on our roads. That said, we believe that Tesla vehicles, in particular the Model 3, goes way beyond being an EV poster boy or middle-class status symbol.

In terms of size and price, the Model 3 nestles itself in the car market as an electric alternative to the BMW 3 series or Audi A4. However, it rivals most premium sports cars for acceleration and arguably style. Many car magazines and TV shows have lauded the performance of Tesla cars when subjected to racing tracks and driven by petrol heads but we believe the real beauty of a Model 3 is the improvement it can bring to the lives of domestic owners. For starters, many often worry about the range of electric vehicles but by-and-large this is no longer a concern. In particular, the Tesla Model 3 can drive up to 348 miles on a single charge, longer than the KIA e-Niro and the Jaguar I-Pace, and indeed longer than most petrol cars on a full tank.

Teslas, like most electric vehicles, are also incredibly cheap to run. Many Tesla owners who charge at home barely notice an increase in electricity bills and charging while out and about remains very economical. Moreover, Tesla’s aftercare packages and the quality of their products means that very few owners report maintenance expenses other than the odd top-up of windscreen wash.

Many also worry that the purchase of a Tesla will require investment in Tesla branded charging points and equipment at inflated prices but this is not the case. As we have discussed before, most of the chargepoints we now install are universal and can be used on any electric vehicle, including Teslas. With grants available to domestic installs and a high level of competition in the market, installing a chargepoint has become very affordable and represents a worthwhile investment in lower running costs moving forward.

We do not set out to sell or advertise any specific electric vehicles. We believe that making the switch to electric, regardless of what car you choose, is a good decision. However, in the Model 3, we can see an indication of just how far we have come in such a short time. We see Tesla as an example for other manufacturers to follow. Celebrating real achievements can only be a good thing and we honestly believe the latest innovation by Tesla is one which certainly deserves a pat on the back.

If you are thinking about switching to an electric vehicle and would like to talk to a member of our team about this transition then please get in touch. We would be happy to discuss this in more detail and answer any questions that you have. Call us on 0141 280 8890 or drop us an email at info@britetechnicalservices.co.uk.

We also have a variety of platforms available with extensive information about electric vehicles (brite-ev.com), EV chargepoints (evchargepoints.com) and EE accessories (briteaccessories.com).

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