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Worrying new statistics for EV uptake in the UK

Carwow regularly conduct consumer surveys to understand the current
outlook of the car industry. With the traditional car industry seeing
dramatically lower sales as a result of Covid-19, the online car-buying
platform have finalised their latest survey results. These suggest that,
despite the positive reports of lowered air pollution during the lockdown
period, environmentally friendly habits have been pushed to the back of many
people’s minds.

In the most recent survey pre-lockdown, Carwow found that 63% of people tried to avoid unnecessary journeys and 64% of people used public transport more often than their car. However, it seems that the impact of lockdown has made people rethink their travel options. With the government advising people to avoid public transport where possible, now only 54% of people are trying to avoid unnecessary car journeys and just 15% say that they use public transport often Worrying new statistics for EV uptake in the UK.

More than two-thirds of those involved in the survey also
said that lockdown has made them less likely to purchase an EV. For most
people, the reason for this is cost, 50% said: ‘I have more important things to
worry about now,’ and 16% said: ‘I have lost my job and cannot afford one.’

Vix Leyton, a consumer expert at Carwow, said: ‘It was
inevitable that lockdown would lead to a shift in immediate priorities, with
households dealing with the implications of the pandemic from a lifestyle and
financial point of view and with the price for shopping ethically so steep.
Whilst the lowered CO₂ emissions reported have inspired some people to be
thinking more eco-friendly long term, with budgets squeezed hard and a
potential recession looming, it is understandable that families are having to
make cuts to make ends meet and this includes reviewing how much extra they are
prepared to pay for greener alternatives.

This cements further the need for government incentives which benefit both the economy and the electric car industry. With the government reluctant to introduce a scrappage scheme for EVs, it is feared that the progress being made in the industry will falter and we will start to fall behind on our targets. The government have made no secret of their Road-to-Zero aims but it seems that more must be done to keep these on track.

If you are thinking of switching to electric and would like to know more about the process and what incentives are available to you, please get in touch. A member of our technical team will happily answer any questions that you have. Call us on 0141 280 8890 or drop us an email at info@britetechnicalservices.co.uk.

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