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2023 – Mini Electric – Town driving made easy or not?

“The classic Mini characteristics – sharp steering, rapid direction changes, nimble handling – represent both a formula that works, and exactly the sort of characteristics you’d want from an electric city car.”

Autocar, July 2019

If you are a Mini lover, you have to take a look at the new Mini electric. Reviewers have RAVED about it, perfect for short trips and city driving.

  • Mini electric has improved in comfort and reliability since the first electric version launched in 2012.
  • It can handle the road like the little rascal it has always been. 
  • With a mileage range of 145 miles it is perfect for short trips and designed for city driving.
  • Plug in when you arrive and your Mini will be standing by after a few hours shopping, you’ll be ready to go with a full charge (just over 3hours)
  • Rapid charge to 80% in just over 1 ½ hours.
  • Eight year or 100,000mile guarantee battery life

The Mini electric is truly an iconic drive. The shape and comfort of the Mini is legendary and you can make it your own with three levels of vehicle
available offering increasing levels of tech which you can cram into your car. Even the basic model doesn’t skimp, allowing you to choose a variety of bodywork and wheel options at no extra cost.

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