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Trading in the current environment. What can you do during the serious pandemic we are encountering in the UK.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact globally, the increasing restrictions on activities and entertainment have prevented many organisations from trading and has required individuals to undertake social isolation.

At Brite Technical Services the health and safety of our customers and colleagues is our primary concern, therefore we are striving to ensure that we can continue to deliver our goods and services in the safest way possible.  

Brite Accessories – Briteaccessories.com

As one of Europe’s leading suppliers of electric vehicle accessories, we have been working to ensure that we have a stock of important parts and accessories. In many cases this has required sourcing alternative suppliers and increasing our stock holding of key accessories.

We offer world-wide shipping of the widest range of accessories using a ‘zero contact’ logistics solution where our courier will deliver without requiring face to face contact.

As always, every one of our products is backed up with our industry leading, ‘no quibble’ guarantee. We can assure you that, whatever the situation, we will continue to provide supplies of key accessories or spare parts for your vehicle charge point.

EV Chargepoints –  https://www.evchargepoints.com/

EVCPQ – https://www.evcpq.co.uk/

EV Chargepoints provides domestic charge point installation, EVCPQ additionally provides charging infrastructure for offices and leisure facilities.

The installation of a new vehicle charge point requires brief access to the inside of your property to allow the engineer to make a connection to the main incoming power supply. Most of the installation work is carried out outside of the building.

Our engineers have received specific training to ensure that they minimise any contact and afford complete social distancing. Installations can be safely carried out to ensure that any face to face contact is well below the fifteen-minute period recommended by the Government. Once you have confirmed the location of the incoming power supply and the required location of the charge point the engineer will work in isolation until the job has been completed and the work site tidied and returned to original condition.

Our engineers are regularly updated with the latest Government advice directly from the NHS and Public Health England.

We are confident that the service we provide is safe and that the steps we are taking exceed Government recommendations.

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