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7 EV YouTube Channels You should follow

  1. Fullychargedshow – 727k subscriber

This is a weekly series EV YouTube Channels You should follow produced and hosted by Robert Llewelyn who is based in the UK. Not only is it about the actual electric vehicles but also how we generate the electricity to power these vehicles. The videos are hugely entertaining and often myth-busting, showing us what the future of EVs could look like.

2. E for Electric – 87.7k subscribers

If you like our EV news articles which keep you up to date on the electric car world, then this YouTube channel will be your next obsession. The captivating videos will keep you informed of the daily happenings of EVs and make sure you always know which exciting technologies are around the corner.

3. Electric Vehicle Man – 35.6K subscribers

This channel is great if you have been wondering what driving an EV will look like day to day. The account features many “How To” tutorials to answer your questions about your new electric car and has countless electric car reviews so you can make the best decision of which one is right for you.

4. EV opinion – 15.7k subscribers

This channel is all about reviews and opinions as the title tells us. If you love your gadgets then this may be the channel for you and the videos offer in-depth discussions and reviews on all things electric.

5. DrivingElectric – 37k subscribers

This channel is all about showcasing which electric vehicles are the most efficient and cost-effective. The videos compare all-electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles to help you make the most informed choice about your next car. The information is given in an easily digestible and clear way to avoid confusion and help you on your way to going electric.

6. Jack Rickard – 27.8k

7. Transport Evolved – 123k subscribers

This is another daily news site that offers the latest updates about the electric vehicle world. From reviews of the latest cars to be launched or updates on the recall scandals from various car manufacturers, this channel has all the gossip and is very entertaining too!

But if YouTube isn’t your thing then don’t worry, we can keep you up to date and answer all your queries right here! If you have any questions about EV charge points or which EV is right for you, please get in touch. A member of our technical team will happily answer any questions you may have. Call us at 0141 280 8890 or drop us an email at info https://evchargepoints.com/.

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