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Apple are Working on the Release of an Electric Car

It has seemed for a while that Apple is slowly taking over our lives. From our phones never being more than a meter away from us, to the countless apple devices we own from iPads to MacBooks and now more products continue to come out such as AirPods and Apple TV.  Living in 2020 without Apple is unimaginable and perhaps this is just the start for this American tech giant.

Going back to as early as 2014, apple began working on a project it named “Project Titan’ with almost one thousand employees working on this project. Later it was revealed that this project was Apple’s secret research and development of electric car technology.

Since this news was found out it seemed Apple had decided to stop development of its own electric car and it has been rumoured that this was due to leadership issues and internal struggles within the company that mean there was bigger fish to fry. Current news, however, shows apple is  continuing its work on a future electric car again.

The Apple Car Project is under the leadership of John Giannandrea and in August 2018 Apple hired Tesla engineer Doug Field. It was the hiring of Doug Field that made it clear that the project of an electric car was back on the horizon for Apple.

Just this month, we learned that Apple is working on a full electric car which the company is planning to release in 2024. Rumours say that Apple may work with manufacturing partners to produce the vehicles but that the company is developing its own next generation technology to extend the range and efficiency of the vehicle’s battery.

Since 2017, apple have been testing self-driving vehicles on public roads to refine their technology. However, this testing was carried out on other models of cars such as the Lexus SUVs. The range of different sensors fitted to the car was huge and new LiDAR equipment was spotted in 2017 showing that the company was, even then, starting to make advancements in the technology it was testing out.

According to a leaked report, there are many features that Apple engineers have been looking into for their design of their EV such as automatic doors, an interior that does not have a steering wheel or pedals, virtual reality built in for entertainment and even spherical wheels to allow the car to drive side ways.

In summary, we don’t know that much about the plans for what the car will actually look like or any of the fine details. However, we do know that it will be incredibly futuristic and knowing Apple, it won’t be too long until it’s what we all cannot live without.

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