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Electric Vehicles outsell diesel vehicles in Europe for the first time

For the first time ever, EVs outsold diesel vehicles for the month of September in Europe. This is incredible news and is confirming the steep increase in EV popularity that has been forecasted for so long. It is also a great incentive for companies to invest in EV infrastructure such as charge points.

Over 1.3million new cars were registered in Europe in September and disappointingly 47% of the market was still made up by petrol cars. However, it is very encouraging the EVs outsold diesel vehicles by a margin of 5,400 vehicles.

The top selling electric vehicle is the Tesla Model 3 and it has 3 times the sales of the top selling plug in hybrid. The Renault Zoe came in at number 5 on the top ten selling EVs and the Volkswagen ID.3 was number nine. One reason for the boost in EV sales this September was the release of the Volkswagen ID3 which has been long awaited.

The volume of production of EVs have increased by 139% to keep up with consumer demand with 327,800 units being produced. This means September 2020 was the first month that EVs have broken the 300,000 units monthly mark. This coincides with demand for gas and diesel cars taking a huge dip when compared to 2019. Now, EVs will account for over 20% of new vehicle registrations in Europe.

While it is incredible that we are switch electric with our own personal cars, the push really needs to be looking at commercial vehicles. Recent data suggested that government agencies are far behind with just one percent of the UK’s department of Transport vehicles being all-electric. We really feel the government needs to be setting an example and making a big push towards electric.

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