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How much does it cost to charge a Porsche Taycan?


Battery capacity Cost to charge per mile Range Home charge time Rapid charge time
80 kWh 5.6-5.8p 280 miles 12 to 22 hours 20 to 60 mins

How long does it take to charge a Porsche Taycan?

The following table shows the average time taken to charge a Porsche Taycan based on output by a variety of charger types. These can vary based on our environmental factors but should be used as a guide. Rapid charging (>50kW) times are given for 20% to 80% capacity, in line with recommendations for battery health.

Charge type Location Charging time (approx.)
Granny Cable Home 35h
3.7 kW Home/Workplace 22h
7 kW Home/Workplace/Public 12h
22 kW Workplace/Public 7h
50 kW Public 60min
150 kW Public 20min

It is worth noting that rapid charging should be used sparingly because it can cause increased battery degradation. For more information, visit he

Cost to charge a Porsche Taycan

At home: based on an average UK energy tariff of 14p/kWh, the cost of a full recharge of the 80kWh battery would be £11.20 (14p x 80).

Public Rapid: based on average 24p/kWh charge for use of rapid chargers in the UK, the cost of recharging from 20% to 80% would be £11.52 (24p x 80 x (80%-20%))

That said, energy tariffs may vary based on supplier and will be greatly different if you have any generation source at your home, e.g. a solar panel. Moreover, public rapid chargers are often at commercial premises and so prices are set by companies.

How far can you travel in a Porsche Taycan?

The official Taycan range is 252 miles based on a full tank and perfect fuel efficiency conditions. In reality, you are more likely to get 80% of the total range before needing to charge, so around 200 miles is more accurate.

Based on the above costs to charge, this means that cost per mile is 5.6p per mile (£11.20/200) for home charging and 5.8p (£11.52/200) for rapid charging.

What grants are available for the Porsche Taycan?

See our grants page for more information on the grants generally available in the UK.

The Taycan is eligible for the following

Grant Amount Explanation
OLEV EVHS Grant £350 Grant can be used to offset the cost of home charger installation in England and Wales.
OLEV Plug-in Car Grant £0 Used to offset the cost of plug-in vehicles up to a value of £50,000.
EST Domestic Charge Point Grant £300 Grant can be used to offset the cost of home charger INSTALLATION in Scotland.

Additional Information

0-60 mph 4 seconds
Top speed 155 mph
Purchase Price Approx. £70,000
Vehicle Excise Duty (Years 1-5) £0
Benefit in Kind Taxation (2021) £0
Congestion charges (London) £0
Insurance Group 50

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