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EV Charge Point Product News

The latest EV Charge Point Product News technology has been embedded into this new Smart charge unit, the smallest Smart charge point in the world. Making it perfect for any location which requires a discrete installation.

The CHAR-L1E charge point includes embedded dynamic load management technology preventing potential electrical overload. ev charge point product news The unit measures the household electrical load in real time and adjusts the charge point load accordingly.

The unit has been designed to provide the latest environmental advances, including scheduled charge start times, allowing use of off-peak electricity. In addition, the unit is enabled to use solar panels fitted to the home and can prioritise self-generated supply before calling on the mains supply.

ev charge point product news

The CHAR-L1E unit is fully future proof, including technologies like Smart grid built in. A smart grid is being introduced across the UK and to allow the battery power available from electric vehicles to supplement the local electricity supply at times of high demand. The electricity used can be sold back to the supplier automatically as part of the process.  The unit can also be updated using the in-built Wi-Fi, allowing for additional future expansion.

The CHAR-L1E can be ordered from EVCHARGEPOINTs .

Coiled Charging Cables

Coiled charging cables provide a simple way to charge your electric vehicle. Their coiled nature reduces the need to coil potentially wet or dirty cables after charging. All you need to do is to unplug the cable and it will return to a compact form which can be simply placed into the provided carry bag.

COILED CABLES supplied by  evchargepoints are built to the highest standards and are tested to ensure that they have long term durability. The outer insulation has been toughened to ensure that, even if they are coiled many times, they resist damage and do not become uncoiled overtime.

Brite Accessories coiled cables are supplied in a variety of lengths and colours and are all supplied with a carry bag which has a velcro backing to ensure it stays placed on the floor of YOUR VEHICLES BOOT. EV Charge Point PRODUCT NEW

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