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Can Anyone Use My Home Charging Point?

My Home Charging Point

My Home Charging Point We recently addressed the problem of securing My Home Charging Point while charging at home. This helped to prevent theft or damage to the cable. However, many prospective customers have asked us whether other people are able to use My Home Charging Point or steal your power. We wanted to briefly put your mind at ease and answer this question.

The short answer is no, nobody is able to plug into My Home Charging Point unit and charge up without your permission.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case, so here goes:

    1. All EV smart chargers have functionality which allows you to set a time when your car will start charging and when it will stop. As such, your car could be plugged in, but it won’t charge until the time you have set. The same goes for any other drivers that try to steal your electricity: they would need to use your charger at the exact times your charging schedule is due to kick in.

    1. For added security, some chargers also have a lock function. This isn’t a physical lock, rather an electronic lock that prevents charge theft My Home Charging Point .

    1. Assuming the prospective thief managed to plug in without your knowledge, they’re going to have to be there for a while. Most thieves target high value, items which will not require a lot of time to take. In other words, the exact opposite of your car charger which take a long time and the energy dispensed is cheap.

    1. Electric cars are rapidly increasing in popularity, but they still represent a small percentage of the overall market. Given that they are few and far between, most members of the public would have no use for your Home Charging Point.

In summary, 

in order for someone to use your home charger without permission, they would need to own an electric car, know that you own an EV and that you have a My Home Charging Point at home. They will then need to access your driveway and charger without you or the neighbors noticing. They would need to be plugged in at the right time and to wait a few hours to get a decent charge. If that doesn’t sound like a farce to you, I don’t know what would

If you are interested in discussing life with an electric vehicle, please get in touch. A member of our technical team would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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