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New record EV charging time for the length of Britain

A new record has been set for the shortest charging time required to drive from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Travelling in a Tesla Model 3, three representatives from UK charity, Zero Carbon World, were able to go the distance with just one hour and 33 minutes charge time. This smashes the previous record set in 2015 of three hours and 44 minutes.

The charity’s Trustee Dean Fielding, Chairman (and ABB FIA Formula E Championship racing driver) Alexander Sims and EV specialist David Peilow completed the 855.2-mile journey in 15 hours and 32 minutes, stopping to charge at three IONITY stations in Perth, Gretna and Cullompton, along with one Tesla supercharger station in Essington, making sure not to overcharge the car at any time.

Mr Fielding said: “We’re ecstatic to have achieved this incredible time, which is less than half that of the previous record.

“Despite our planning for the record attempt, we feel that this achievement demonstrates that many EV drivers could easily make the trip without significant planning – just plot it in their satnav and go. Lots of EVs use the combined charging system charging standard that we used along the way.

“The UK charging infrastructure has improved to a degree where such trips can be made, making EVs a viable and practical alternative to internal combustion engine vehicles. What’s even more remarkable is that the software used to calculate the trip suggested we would need one hour and 31 minutes of charging and that’s exactly what we did. The capability to accurately predict real-world journeys helps eliminate the anxiety many feel about EVs and range.”

This fun experiment is yet another example of the distance we have come, pardon the pun, in terms of EV charging technology in a very space of time. With EVs now having ranges in the 300-mile bracket and rapid charging reduced to less than 30 mins, EVs can now be a valid option for longer journeys. For those who worry about the range of EVs, ask yourself this: how often do you travel the length of the UK? We bet you that most people don’t travel even a fraction of this distance each week. This means that range no longer needs to be a stumbling block for going electric.

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