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What we have all been waiting for: the Lotus Evija is available for purchase

Meet the Lotus Evija - YouTube

What is way cooler than the almost two thousand brake horse power and even cooler than doing 0-60 in less than three seconds, is that fact that the first person in the world to drive the incredible Lotus Evija Hypercar was a woman – the only disappointment is that is wasn’t me (I’m working on changing that for future cars though).

YouTube sensation Supercar Blondie who boasts an astounding 4.7million subscribers was the first to drive the Hypercar a year ago and finally it is available for purchase.
The car, which is code-named by the company “Type 130”, will be limited to 130 units and priced at the eye-watering amount of just over £2.4 million. Its name is symbolic and means “the first one” reflecting that the model is the first all-electric car of this type, rivalling Bugatti and McLaren as
the most powerful car in the word.
The vehicle’s batteries are stacked on top of each other at the back of the car. This is unlike the usual Tesla design where the batteries are spread out at the bottom of the car. This is a very deliberate design feature as it allows the driver to be as close the ground as possible, giving the normal sports car sensation when diving it. It also means the centre of gravity of the car is kept very low and this offers a huge amount of stability.

The car is powered by electric motors on each wheel which each have a horse power of 500, giving the total horse power of 2000. This supports the car to be able to do 0-186mph in under 9 seconds. The range is said to be more than 250miles on a single charge. Lotus has also designed a 350Kw charging unit with only takes 12 minutes to reach 80% charge
and 18 minutes to reach 100%. Lotus has also stated that the car is ready for 800kW charging as this becomes available which will mean the battery could charge in just 9 minutes.
Supercar blondie showed off some very cool features during her YouTube video reviewing the car. The Lotus sign at the front is able to be fully customised to include any precious metal you may want and to include diamonds. Emblems at the back of the car are also able to be specified to include a Union Jack in rubies to show off the car’s heritage. Other cool features include the hexagonal buttons on the centre console to allow better ergonomics for driving and hexagonal designs on the pedals. There is also a metal centre line in the interior which can be engraved with a personal message such as a loved one’s name or a special date. These cool little details allow the consumer to make their car fully their own and to justify the multi-million price tag.

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