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UK Home and EV Charging Rates to be Separate

Until recently, those charging their EVs at home would have the additional charges added onto their energy bill in the same way that any other appliance would. The energy used to charge their EV is no different to that which powers the television or the fridge. However, many customers wish to know exactly how much energy they are using to charge their vehicle. For this reason, Tonik Energy have been the first to develop a new tariff which separates the cost of EV charging from their standard home energy tariff.

It is believed this new Home & Smart EV bundle will provide the growing number of UK households purchasing EVs with “transparency and control” over the running costs of their zero emissions vehicles by allowing them to benefit from competitive fixed overnight charging rates. Many charges have timer capabilities which will allow them to take advantage of off-peak pricing. This new way of splitting the bill will make this process easier and will allow the homeowner to see exactly how this process is working.

Chris Russell, chief executive of Tonik Energy, said, “EVs now have longer battery range, so most of the charging will be done at home – the home replaces the petrol forecourt, and it is important to get the right charger to manage charging and minimise costs. With Tonik being both an energy supplier and energy tech installer we can provide this end-to-end solution for the EV owner with the home energy supply charging the car – making it easier and lower cost for consumers.

Tonik claims that the bundle offers the UK’s lowest overnight rate for EV charging in the UK at 4.17p kWh, meaning Tesla Model T drivers would travel 8,000 miles for only £80. The daytime rate for EV charging – between 7am and midnight – will be slightly higher, at 10p kWh. Separate EV consumption will be capped at 1,920kWh over a 12-month period, with any excess being charged at the home energy rate.

This latest energy product launch is part of an emerging trend of energy supply packages aimed at increasing the number of homeowners purchasing EVs. Other energy providers like Shell and Octopus energy have launched tariffs for EV drivers which them the maximum amount of control over their bills. With electric vehicles now proving to be cheaper to run than traditional fuelled alternatives, these latest announcements offer further incentive for drivers to switch to electric.

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