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We can all fall into the trap of thinking that electric vehicles are not for us. Many business owners may believe that they are not able to convert to electric. However, that is simply not the case. Most of us are more than capable of making the switch to electric, but the biggest barrier is imagination. That said, we thought it may be useful to show a couple of example scenarios of businesses that could benefit from electrification.

Trade Company

If you run a small company which provides trade services such as decorating or roofing, you likely have a small fleet of vans which are driven by your employees for business purposes but also for personal use too. These vans could easily be traded for electric alternatives that would be cheaper to run and are often more comfortable to drive. Most tradespeople operate in their local area, meaning that range issues are not a concern. Moreover, charge points could easily be installed at existing commercial premises which could be used when the vans are parked up overnight or throughout the day. The cost of charging these vans would be a fraction of the fuel costs for the same size fleet, meaning more profit is being retained by the business. On top of that, for any workers that use their vans for personal use, they would be due to pay income tax on this benefit. If the vans were electric, this tax would not be applicable, and they could save significant amount of money each month. Finally, as savvy customers become more aware of the environmental impact of businesses, what better way to stand out than having a fully electric fleet?

Hotel, Restaurant or Shop

If you are in the hospitality industry and have on-site parking available for guests, this offers a great opportunity for additional revenue. As the number of EVs on our roads increases, the demand for charging will rise. Customers will be attracted to places where they can charge their car and occupy themselves in the meantime. Having a charge point in your carpark could make your establishment a destination and will increase the opportunity for passing trade. Moreover, you may also be able to charge for the use of this charge point and the profit margin would be substantial given the low additional cost of electricity. If you have any company vehicles, these could be switched for electric alternatives and could also make use of the on-site charging, making similar savings to those identified for the trade company above.

Logistics Company

If you are a logistics company that operates using a fleet of vans, a very similar situation will apply to the above trade scenario. However, a very different option exists if you have a fleet of lorries or coaches. Large electric vehicles are a burgeoning market and the technology available is progressing rapidly. While there are regular charging options for electric lorries and buses, there is also the option of Pantograph technology. This works by connecting the vehicle to the electric grid from the roof, much like a tram. As the vehicle returns to the depot, it can automatically connect and charge when not in use. The main benefit, of course, is the significantly lower running costs from fuel and maintenance. Moreover, we can offer fleet management software which could monitor usage, track vehicles and help to maximise efficiency. Additionally, there would be reputational gain from being a fully electric logistics or travel company and this would likely generate additional revenue.

We have provided services to companies which fit all three of the above scenarios, as well as many others. In each case, we can:

  • Help source the vehicles
  • Provide charging installation and product supply
  • Aid in the grant application process
  • Offer fleet management software and technical knowledge
  • Support you throughout the business change process

If you think your company could benefit from transitioning to electric, or even if you don’t, please get in touch. A member of our technical team would happily discuss your specific business needs and put a plan together for an electric future. Call us on 0141 280 8890 or drop us an email at info@britetechnicalservices.co.uk.

Additionally, visit our website evchargepoints.com to see our range of products and services, and to read historical blog posts.

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