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7 EV YouTube Channels You should follow

Fullychargedshow – 727k subscriber This is a weekly series EV YouTube Channels You should follow produced and hosted by Robert Llewelyn who is based in the UK. Not only is it about the actual electric vehicles but also how we generate the electricity to power these vehicles. The videos are hugely entertaining and often myth-busting, […]

You can convert too!

We can all fall into the trap of thinking that electric vehicles are not for us. Many business owners may believe that they are not able to convert to electric. However, that is simply not the case. Most of us are more than capable of making the switch to electric, but the biggest barrier is […]

Can an Electric Car Tow a Caravan?

Caravan holidays are very popular in the UK, as caravans and caravan sites become more advanced and comfortable. It can be a great way of seeing the country and travelling with family or friends. With the growing range of EVs, it is also becoming possible to go on driving holidays in EVs without the same […]

Life with an EV as a Company Car

The demand for UK leased company EVs doubled in the first six months of the tax year, from April 2020, after the latest incentive was introduced, according to research by Octopus Electric Vehicles. As we have discussed before on this blog, benefit in kind taxation has changed in the UK, meaning that EV drivers are no […]