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Motoring in The Middle of a Pandemic

What will the impact of COVID-19 have on the electric vehicle market, and how does it affect the UK motoring industry?  The usual business of motoring news and information seems to pale into insignificance in light of world events. We are facing a global pandemic of a scale which has not been seen in generations […]

Business as Unusual

Trading in the current environment. What can you do during the serious pandemic we are encountering in the UK. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact globally, the increasing restrictions on activities and entertainment have prevented many organisations from trading and has required individuals to undertake social isolation. At Brite Technical Services the health […]

Charging just got an upgrade.

Have you ever found your electric vehicle charging cable to be laborious and clumsy? Do you find existing products to be heavy and uncomfortable? We may have the answer for you. The briteaccesories.com Generation 3 Range of electric vehicle charging cables have just been released. The new 3.1 Type 2 charging cable is launched onto […]

Whilst The World Crumbles

Whilst the world crumbles under the weight of Covid-19, it can be hard to remain positive and look to the future. However, with the enforced downing of tools across the globe, scientists have noticed an incredible impact on the environment. Businesses are shut, cars are off the road and flights have been grounded in the […]